About Us

Who we are

We are Malaysian online pharmacy aimed to bring most needed medicines to customers in Malaysia and Singapore. Because of certain regulations over branded medicines we offer vast selection of generics drugs from Indian manufacturers.

How we work

We are dedicated team of pharmacy brokers with good relations on pharmaceutial market with own processing centere and customer support team. When our customer places order with us, we buy requested medicines from our partner companies in India. They will select available generic analogue of requested brand name medicine (all drugs in our online drugstore are referred by original brand names and generic names for reference) and ship this to you in a specially secured and discreet envelope. Once order is completed we pay money obtained from you (collected via secure gateway from your credit/debit card or cryptocurrency) to Indian company. Certainly we adding own processing fee and some margin fro our services which are included in a medication prices presented on our site.

Who may recommend us

Below is the short list of the doctors that my recommend our services:

We are also delivering cheap generic drugs to many our clients in Malaysia and Singapore anonymously as we respect their privacy and private life.

Company identity

Our international corporate website which is used to contact us is here.


· Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
· National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency